Thursday, November 26, 2009

Applying for a Job? Ever Felt This Way?

Have you ever decided a job looked interesting enough to apply for it, then about halfway through the application process, wondered to yourself why they're making you take a 230 question survey that they say takes approximately 40 minutes but ends up taking an hour and a half, just after taking a 60 question-10 minute timed quiz? Me too. In fact, I find it kind of offensive. Because oftentimes the questions are duplicates. And I'm not talking one or two duplicates, but 10-15 of the same exact question, just rephrased. It is an insult to my intelligence, and worse, it is a waste of my time in order for them to save time by filtering out applicants who don't have the patience to sit through hours of of an application process before even being called in for an orientation or interview, when you could be applying to other potential employers.

I think the way the hiring process is done, is another big reason why the unemployment rate in the United States has become so high. Hiring wasn't like this a few years ago. Now we need to jump through hoops just to be considered, and if we apply online, it goes to the corporation websites instead of the facilities themselves, hoping the facility near us takes a peek at our application.

This is why people get so burned out on applying to jobs so easily and so fast. What happened to the days where you could just meet your employer, they decide you'll probably be a hard worker, hire you and you work. Now-a-days, you need to fill out hours of forms and do psychological evaluations which are extremely inefficient (see the 240 question survey for which 220 of them are variations of the first 20 questions.) Why make it so hard to find yourself employees? I can see the appeal of screening your interviewees, but what about the toll it takes on us, the applicants?

I propose someone link all of your information together in a handheld device (smartphone?) that uses a password and face recognition technology with a built-in camera as security measures to make the entire process easier. So you can fill out all of these forms and psych-evals just once and hand them out to potential employers as needed. Similar to the way you can use your cell phone to make purchases like a credit card, billing everything you buy to your phone bill. Even further, employers can send a text or something to your mobile phone number and after you authorize it with a reply, your information is automatically shared with the party requesting it, so you can use just your mobile phone number as your "application" or "resume" when applying online. Maybe make the text initiate the password protect and face recognition for security online as well.

Just an idea. But something really needs to be done, because the application process is becoming more and more ridiculous by the day. I'm applying to freaking Michaels craft store, not the Pentagon. Jesus Christ.
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