Monday, June 28, 2010

New Pokemon Black and White Trailer and Release Date!

The moment all of us Pokemon junkies have been waiting for! A release date on the new installments of the series due out for Nintendo DS (not 3DS, but I'm sure it will be fairly compatible none-the-less.)

Find the brand new trailer and the release date after the break.

Since the moment these two games were announced, some of us die-hard Pokemaniacs have been waiting anxiously, and today we finally got our wish. The first games in the handheld series to feature fully 3D (the old kind of 3D, not the fancy "new" headache-inducing kind) cities and constantly poking idle animations for every single Pokemon, has a release date set for September 18th. Now the question remains, should I get in line for them three months early? I'm thinking I might. I'm that excited about them!

Enjoy the trailer!

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