Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Newest Pokemon Revealed!

Nintendo has announced the newest pokemon from the upcoming Black version and White version games coming to the Nintendo DS. Oddly, this Pokemon is numbered as #000, which is a bit confusing and interesting at the same time. Sorry Bulbasaur, this cute little guy is probably taking your place at the top of the pokedex list.

Bright blue eyes, cute pointy ears, adorable little tooth buds, cherub-esque wings, and a possibly unintentional peace sign thrown in there; Victini is definitely the newest Pokemon unveiled by Nintendo this week. Chances are he doesn't evolve, given that his designated number is #000 in the Pokedex, and Bulbasaur still firmly holds his spot as #001. This could be a legendary similar to Mew, or it could just be a normal Pokemon you can catch in random tall grass, we wont know for sure until Nintendo dishes more details about this little cutie's origins and back story. Hopefully we don't have to wait until March 2011 after the games North American release to find out more about teeny little Victini.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Japanese Final Fantasy XIV Beta (Screenshots)

FF14news.com has put up a huge gallery of well over 100 screenshots from the Japanese FFXIV Beta. The game has taken a huge leap in pretty much every area when transforming from Alpha version to Beta. You can check out the gallery of images for yourself by clicking here or visiting FF14news.com.

Apparently there are no translations as of this posting, but I'm sure our fantastic community is already hard at work on it. As translations pour in, make sure to visit FF14news.com for the latest details!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

FFXIV Beta Article

Some interesting new information about "retainers" in FFXIV has been posted in an article at gamewatch, where can be read here or you can find a translation of the article here. Retainers appear to be NPCs that a player calls with a call bell item. These NPCs are customizable with different looks and accessories, and their sole purpose is to act as a player's bazaar when the player is offline, or perhaps even just out adventuring.

The article also has quite a few of those beautiful Final Fantasy XIV screenshots. I have to say, the game does indeed scream "Square-Enix Masterpiece." Even if the company's latest additions to the franchise haven't quite been up to snuff when compared to the original PlayStation interations.

I'm excited to see what all this game has in store for us. Let's hope they bring all of the good things about Final Fantasy XI back, and drop the things that made that game almost unbearable (wait times... on everything. Literally.)

Anyhoo, read the article and enjoy the images. Less than three months until official launch! But if your machine can handle it, you can go ahead and download the beta client which was made available just the other day. However, you'll need to wait to actually play the open beta until they announce the beta dates.