Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Newest Pokemon Revealed!

Nintendo has announced the newest pokemon from the upcoming Black version and White version games coming to the Nintendo DS. Oddly, this Pokemon is numbered as #000, which is a bit confusing and interesting at the same time. Sorry Bulbasaur, this cute little guy is probably taking your place at the top of the pokedex list.

Bright blue eyes, cute pointy ears, adorable little tooth buds, cherub-esque wings, and a possibly unintentional peace sign thrown in there; Victini is definitely the newest Pokemon unveiled by Nintendo this week. Chances are he doesn't evolve, given that his designated number is #000 in the Pokedex, and Bulbasaur still firmly holds his spot as #001. This could be a legendary similar to Mew, or it could just be a normal Pokemon you can catch in random tall grass, we wont know for sure until Nintendo dishes more details about this little cutie's origins and back story. Hopefully we don't have to wait until March 2011 after the games North American release to find out more about teeny little Victini.
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