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A Beginner's Guide to Eorzea - Final Fantasy XIV

This week's Q&A session seeks to assist newcomers to Eorzea by covering some of the reasons why an enemy may not be a valid attack target. We will also introduce some "aggressive" enemies, which are enemies that will attack players unprovoked. And finally, we will be going over the differences between active mode and passive mode.
Q. There are times when I am unable to attack an enemy once engaging in combat. What causes this?
A. Below is a list of conditions that will result in a player's inability to attack an enemy target. Each of these has a corresponding system message that is displayed in the log.

  • Target belongs to another player
    It is not possible to engage enemies that are part of another player's levequest, behest, or other such content. In these cases, players will simply have to seek out another enemy, or undertake the levequest or behest in question if they have their hearts set on fighting the same enemy.
    [System message]

  • Target is claimed by another player
    It is not possible to engage an enemy that has already been claimed, or engaged, by another player. In these cases, players will simply have to seek out another enemy, or join the party of the player already fighting the enemy.
    * If the enemy is part of a levequest, behest, or other such content, joining a party with those engaging it will still not allow a player to engage it. To do so requires that a player undertake the same levequest or behest as the other players.
    [System message]

  • Target is out of range
    Every action in the game has an effective range. If the target of an action is beyond that action's range, the action will not be executed. Should this happen, draw nearer to the enemy and attempt to execute the action again.
    [System Message]

  • Target is not facing the enemy
    If a player is not facing an enemy when an action is selected, the action will not be executed. Should this happen, please face the monster and attempt to execute the action again.
    [System message]

Q. How do I restore my HP and MP?
A. HP and MP can be replenished in the following ways:

Remain in Passive Mode*YesNo
Attune with Aetheryte**YesYes
Initiate a LevequestYesYes
Complete a LevequestYesYes

In addition to the above methods, HP and MP can also be recovered by using certain actions and items.

* While under the effect of a status such as Poison, players will continue to lose HP even in passive mode. Current statuses are represented by icons in the upper portion of the screen. Mousing over these icons will reveal popup windows detailing their effects.

** Players may only restore their HP and MP by attuning to an aetheryte once every ten minutes (Earth time). Attuning to an aetheryte will not replenish HP and MP while on a levequest or similar content.

Q. An enemy I defeated dropped an item, but I don't see it in my inventory. Where is it?
A. Items dropped by defeated enemies can be found under main menu » Inventory » Loot. From this screen, select an item to acquire it. It will then be moved to the Items tab.
* A Loot List option will be added to the Interactions menu in the November version update.

Q. After defeating an enemy, I went up a level and was awarded bonus attribute and element points. How do I use these?
A. To distribute bonus points, open main menu » Point Allotment. This screen provides an interface for assigning bonus points to each attribute and element, allowing players to take an active role in their character's growth. Players are encouraged to view a list ofattribute and element effects if they are unsure of each value's individual role.

Q. A monster attacked me while I was strolling peacefully through the forest. I never did anything to provoke it. Why did it thirst for my lifeblood?
A. Among Eorzea's beasts and fiends, there are those that will attack nearby players without provocation. Below is a list of some of these "aggressive" enemies. We urge adventurers to practice utmost caution should they encounter any of these bloodthirsty nasties beyond the safety of city walls (or trees).

Antling Digger

Mad Angler
Yarzon Feeder

Lone Wolf
Inferno Drake

Sandstone Peiste

Passive & Active Modes
Q. I've heard a lot of talk about passive mode and active mode. What is the difference?
A. The primary difference between the two modes is the state of a player's weapon or tool. When a weapon or tool is sheathed or put away, the player is in passive mode. When a weapon or tool is drawn and at the ready, the player is in active mode.

Passive Mode
Active Mode

The following list further illustrates some of the differences between passive mode and active mode.

Passive ModeActive Mode
Speak with an NPCYesNo*
Change EquipmentYesNo
Recover HPYes**No
Initiate ActionNoYes
Recover StaminaNoYes
Movement SpeedFastSlow
TP ReductionFastSlow

* Speaking to an NPC while in active mode will automatically switch a player to passive mode.
** The gradual recovery of HP in passive mode is greater while stopped than while moving.

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