Friday, November 19, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV Pros Versus Cons

Final Fantasy XIV

- Pretty
- Final Fantasy installment
- Aimed at balance between casual and hardcore players

- Enmity is broken
- Accuracy is broken
- Menu system is terrible
- Targeting system is clumsy and difficult/slow
- Too much lag everywhere, both in the UI and in the game itself
- Classes are generally boring and lack anything to really make them unique
- Difficult to switch back and forth between single target and AoE mode for magic
- Few/no enemies in the majority of areas
- Quests are repetitive and boring
- Nothing to do other than grind when leves aren't refreshed (every 36 hours)
- Very difficult to find what you want to buy
- Gil is too easy to get, coupled with the previous con means you have an overabundance of gil
- Finding someone to fix accessories is very difficult
- Enemies flee during quests and you have to waste time chasing them across the zone just so they can spawn more enemies for you to kill

Add your own pros and cons to the list by posting a comment.

Tell the rest of us if you think the game is too badly broken that the November and December patches wont fix it, and if you think there are/will be enough pros to keep the game afloat and make it stand out from other MMOs in order to keep a solid player base.

Don't forget to include your character name and server if you'd like!

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