Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Synergistic Splendors Await! - Final Fantasy XI

Synergistic Splendors Await! (11/29/2010)
Synergists of Vana'diel, start firing up your furnaces! The upcoming version update will see the upper limit of Synergy skill raised to level 80 (Artisan), and with a host of recipes—featuring lavish new furnishings and much, much more—there's sure to be something for everyone to enjoy!

Headlining the recipe book are the guild stalls first announced at VanaFest 2010. These opulent items are prime examples of the perfect marriage between form and function, as they will proudly display your passion for your chosen craft, while giving you a significant crafting skill increase to boot!

And why stop there? You can decorate your stall further with yet more stylish items depicting the finest wares each guild has to offer. Certain items can be crafted via synergy, while others can be obtained in exchange for the guild points acquired through certain guild quests.
Fishermen's Guild

Carpenters' Guild

Blacksmiths' Guild

Goldsmiths' Guild

Weavers' Guild

Tanners' Guild

Boneworkers' Guild

Alchemists' Guild

Culinarians' Guild

These furnishings are just the tip of a massive iceberg of items that no synergist worth his or her fewell will want to miss!

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