Thursday, November 18, 2010

Where the Wild Things Spawn - Final Fantasy XIV

As part of the November 24 and mid-December version updates, adjustments will be made to the distribution of enemies in all areas.
In the first version update, scheduled for release on Wednesday, November 24, the processing of in-game areas will be spread out across multiple servers in order to mitigate latency issues. Together with this structural change, we have rethought the distribution of enemies, both old and new, while giving considerable consideration to players engaged in gathering activities or simply passing through.
Balancing adjustments to enemy distribution will continue in the December version, which will also usher in the the first of many waves of new enemies to Eorzea, including several Notorious Monsters (NMs). Among their number are those so freakish and vile that even the legendary taxonomist Frandelont Raimdelle could scarcely find the words to describe them. Still others may prove more than a tad familiar to the eyes of adventuring veterans of Vana'diel. All in all, a myriad menagerie of malicious monstrosities will be making its way to Eorzea in the coming months. Precise profiles and daunting details of these new additions to the Eorzean bestiary, as well as the epic loot that can be pilfered from their fresh corpses, will be treated in future Topics posts.
Continuing in this vein, the version updates of 2011 will bring about further improvements and balancing to enemy distribution, as well as the addition of numerous new NMs and NM-related content. More information will be announced here as it becomes available, so be sure to check back regularly!

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