Friday, December 3, 2010

Job Adjustments - Final Fantasy XI

Job Adjustments (12/03/2010)
In addition to the copious new abilities and spells previously announced on this space, the fast-approaching version update will usher in a host of job adjustments.
The following adjustments will be made to job abilities:
- The effectiveness of the THF job trait "Treasure Hunter" will occasionally increase with each melee attack landed. Further, damage dealt with either the "Sneak Attack" or "Trick Attack" ability will have a greater likelihood of enhancing this trait.
*Effect active only when main job is set to THF.

- Thieves will learn the job trait "Treasure Hunter III" upon attaining level 90.

- The beastmaster ability "Call Beast" will receive the following new jugs:
Razor Brain Broth / Mellow Bird Broth / Savage Mole Broth
- The beastmaster ability "Reward" will receive the following new pet food:
Pet Food Eta

- Elemental ninjutsu damage will increase based on ninjutsu skill.
*Effect active only when main job is set to NIN.

- The following ninja tools will be added:
Inoshishinofuda: Used to cast any elemental ninjutsu
Shikanofuda: Used to cast any self-enhancing ninjutsu
Chonofuda: Used to cast any foe-damaging ninjutsu
*These universal tools will be usable only when main job is set to NIN.
*Ninjutsu-specific tools will be expended first for those who possess them.
*The table below outlines tool usage when under the effect of the ninja ability "Futae." The numbers indicate the amount of an applicable tool currently in possession.
Ninjutsu-specific Tool
012 or more
Universal Tool0-xS
2 or moreUxS
S: Two ninjutsu-specific tools will be expended.
U: Two universal tools will be expended.
x: Futae will fail to activate and its effect will be canceled.

- The "Trump Card" item, imbued with the energies of all elements, will be added for the corsair ability "Quick Draw."
*This card will be usable only when main job is set to COR.
*Element-specific cards will be expended first for those who possess them.

- The level at which the dancer ability "Curing Waltz III" is acquired will be lowered from 50 to 45.

- Scholars will become able to store an extra Stratagem charge (for a maximum of five) upon attaining level 90.
- The effectiveness of the scholar ability "Sublimation" in converting HP to MP will increase based on level.
Lv.35: 2HP => 2MP
Lv.45: 2HP => 3MP
Lv.55: 2HP => 4MP
Lv.65: 2HP => 5MP
Lv.75: 2HP => 6MP
Lv.85: 2HP => 7MP
The following abilities will be subject to restrictions when used in the capacity of support job:
- The thief ability "Hide" will not break the attention of enemies already targeting the user.
- The ranger ability "Velocity Shot" will be unavailable.

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