Thursday, December 2, 2010

Update to the Lodestone - Final Fantasy XIV

The FINAL FANTASY XIV Lodestone will be undergoing an update that will usher in a number of new changes. Among these will be the introduction of linkshell pages—areas that allow linkshell members to easily communicate and share information with one another. There will also be significant improvements made to the blog search function.

Linkshell Pages
Linkshell pages have been designed to put fellow linkshell members in close contact and provide them with the means to share with one another whatever information they so choose. To this end, two of the primary features that will be made available for use are a complete list of linkshell members, and a private forum that can be used for anything from scheduling in-game events to RPing a forbidden Roegadyn and Lalafell romance.
* Administrative privileges of forums will be given to the linkshell master and leaders. 

Example of a linkshell page

Member List
Searching Blogs
Lodestone blog searches can now be tailored using World and language variables. The New Posts portion of a user's My Site page can also be set to display entries using these same World and language settings.
* Users must be logged into the Lodestone to access My Site. Select Log In in the upper left portion of the screen to do so.
Together with the implementation of today's update, the Lodestone will also be undergoing routine maintenance. The exact times of this maintenance will be announced shortly in an Information post.

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