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Final Fantasy XI Add-on: Vision of Abyssea Details

≪Jun. 22, 2010 (JST) Abyssea≫
*Japan Standard Time

What Is Abyssea?

Abyssea is a realm composed of battle areas created with characters level 75 and above in mind. There, players may enjoy myriad rewarding activities such as leveling, engaging in thrilling battles against fearsome foes, and collecting powerful equipment.

*Characters must be level 30 or above in order to play "Vision of Abyssea." Furthermore, users must have installed and registered the Rise of Zilart and Wings of the Goddess expansions.
Vision of Abyssea Areas

Traveling to Abyssea

Entering Port Jeuno with a character level 30 or above will trigger an event scene, after which players will receive their first mission offer along with a "traverser stone" key item required to journey to Abyssea.
imageTraverser Stones
Traverser stones can be obtained from the Port Jeuno NPC "Joachim," who will have an additional stone in stock every 20 hours (Earth time). Adventurers may call on Joachim at their convenience to collect their due amount of stones that has accumulated over time.

Three stones will initially be the maximum amount you may possess at one time, but this number can be increased to four after certain conditions are fulfilled.
How to Enter Abyssea
With a character level 30 or above in possession of a traverser stone, examine a cavernous maw located at one of the areas listed below. You will subsequently be transported to the corresponding area in Abyssea.
La Theine Plateau / Konschtat Highlands / Tahrongi Canyon

Necessary Preparations

Visitant Status
The "visitant" status is essential for those wishing to journey within Abyssea. You will be permitted to remain there only while this status is active. Upon arrival in Abyssea, speak with a "Conflux Surveyor" NPC posted nearby to be granted visitant status in exchange for traverser stones. One stone will allow you a 30-minute stay (Earth time), with 120 minutes being the maximum permitted duration. Methods exist that allow players to extend their visitant duration.
*Players must acquire visitant status within five minutes (Earth time) of arriving in Abyssea. Failure to do so will result in automatic expulsion.
*Visitant duration continues to decrease even after log out. Players who log in to Abyssea when their visitant status has already worn off will find themselves instantly expelled.


Players will automatically be transported out of Abyssea when their visitant status wears off. To reenter Abyssea, you must first obtain more traverser stones. Please note that 60 minutes (Earth time) must elapse before your next visit to Abyssea. Those who voluntarily leave Abyssea with greater than five minutes of visitant duration remaining, however, are not subject to this wait. Since a character's visitant duration and waiting time is common across all Abyssea areas, you may move freely between areas so long as the effect duration permits. Upon reentering, however, even those with carry-over visitant duration must have the status reissued by a conflux surveyor. Be warned: leaving Abyssea at this point without reacquiring the status will render your remaining time invalid.

*Players who are expelled from Abyssea for failing to acquire visitant status within five minutes are subject to the abovementioned 60-minute waiting time.

Journeying Within Abyssea

imageAbyssea can be considered a collection of expansive battlefields the entry to which does not require claim; it can be accessed by any character fulfilling the requirements. Encampments and teleportation devices have been established throughout all areas to facilitate continuity of progress from one visit to the next, allowing rewarding adventuring without the need for large time investments.
Several quests can be undertaken in Abyssea. At first only a limited number of NPCs will offer quests, but others will come to trust you with their plight as you continue to prove your worth.
Notorious Monsters
Abyssea is inhabited by hordes of fearsome notorious monsters, and dauntless adventurers can arrange a confrontation through any one of several methods such as defeating certain other creatures, or using trigger items. Such monsters are known to have weaknesses which, when exploited, will allow adventurers to impair their foe's movement and abilities. Striking at a foe's weakness may also cause the creature to yield additional treasures in defeat, but the probability will decrease if the same strategy is applied repeatedly.
The creatures of Abyssea yield unique items found nowhere else in the known world. As before, players may cast lots on treasures dropped by felled enemies. Treasure chests are also known to appear on occasion.
"Cruor" is a versatile substance which serves as the currency in Abyssea. It can be obtained by defeating monsters or as rewards for quest completion. There are NPCs who will accept your cruor and offer equipment and key items in exchange. Cruor is also the power source needed to activate the aforementioned teleportation devices.

Bases, Encampments, and Facilities

imageUpon arriving in Abyssea, you will find yourself at a central base of sorts. These strongholds are home to helpful NPCs who will grant visitant status (as described above) and assist your cause in countless other ways.
  • Conflux Surveyors
    Ever working to unlock the mysteries of inter-dimensional travel, these NPCs will afford players with visitant status. Besides allowing you to remain in Abyssea, visitant status also makes you eligible for experience point bonuses and other benefits available upon fulfilling certain conditions.

  • Cruor Prospectors
    These enterprising types will provide you with items, temporary items, key items, and status benefits in exchange for some of the cruor that you've amassed.

  • Atma Infusionists
    Adventurers who possess one of the many varieties of "atma" key items and have fulfilled certain conditions may speak to one of these alchemical adepts to unlock its powers. Atma may be acquired by exploiting the weaknesses of the notorious monsters that inhabit Abyssea. The powers granted by infused atma will only be effective while you are in Abyssea.

imageVeridical Confluxes
The world of Abyssea is vast and often intimidating. To traverse the realm with greater ease, players will want to make effective use of the "Veridical Confluxes" scattered about each area. First, a conflux must be activated by examining it and paying a nominal fee in cruor. Once a conflux has been activated, you may spend additional cruor to warp instantaneously from it to any other conflux that you have activated in the area. The central base of each area contains a conflux (Veridical Conflux #01) to which players may teleport free of charge.
Another device you will find throughout the Abyssean landscape is the martello. These curious metallic contraptions allow players to restore their HP or MP and cure themselves of status ailments. Martellos are powered by a magically endowed fuel that will gradually be depleted with each use.
A martello whose fuel tank is empty must be replenished before it can be used again. Replenishment of martellos is handled through a quest that may be undertaken by speaking to the "Machine Outfitter" NPC at the central base. This NPC will also offer another quest by which players may install spare tanks to increase a martello's maximum fuel capacity.
*Players may not carry both the martello fuel and fuel tank key items at once; the two quests must be undertaken separately. Furthermore, leaving the area, logging out, or getting expelled from Abyssea will cause the loss of these key items, requiring the quest to be restarted.

Battling the Abyssean Hordes

Upon commencing battle with an Abyssean fiend, the attacking party or alliance will lay claim to that foe, and other adventurers will be unable to participate in the fight thereafter.

The strength of Abyssean monsters and the frequency with which they appear will vary based upon the party's level and the speed with which similar foes have been dispatched. High-level parties will draw the attention of even more formidable fiends, and slaying foes in short order will see the equally rapid arrival of reinforcements.
Adventurers in Abyssea will face a challenge that is constantly adapting in accordance with their abilities.

*The EXP bonuses afforded by Dedication and Corsair's Roll will not apply within Abyssea.

Final Fantasy XI Version Update Details (June 21, 2010)

≪Jun. 22, 2010 (JST) Update Details≫
*Japan Standard Time
This version update contains the game data for the battle add-on "Vision of Abyssea." After downloading the update and purchasing a registration code, this content will become playable.
* Players must have installed and registered a content ID for the "Rise of the Zilart" and "Wings of the Goddess" expansions in order to access the "Vision of Abyssea" content.
* After purchasing a registration code, a period of time may be required before the in-game content becomes accessible.
* If the "Vision of Abyssea" logo remains faded even after purchase, please exit to the PlayOnline FINAL FANTASY XI main page, wait a few minutes, then return to the game title screen and examine the logo again.

Further details on "Vision of Abyssea" may be found here.


New quests, based primarily in areas introduced since the Wings of the Goddess expansion, have been added.
The following additions and revisions have been made to Trial of the Magians.
  • Several new trials have been added.
  • The "Magian Spectacles" item has been added and is available for purchase from the Magian Moogle.
    Using this item will summon forth the "Trial Log", which players may examine to review their trial progress.
  • Quotas for certain trials have been reduced.
    The reduced quotas will be reflected even for trials already in progress.

The following changes have been made to Moblin Maze Mongers:
  • A new Maze Voucher has been added.
    Maze Voucher 09: MMM Revitalization Team

    Mazes created with the new Revitalization Team voucher will pit players against powerful notorious monsters, with the goal of dealing as much damage as possible within the fifteen-minute time limit. Even if unsuccessful in slaying their foe, players will be eligible for rewards based upon its remaining hit points. Upon creating your first Revitalization Team maze, the maze master Sadistiq will present you with the "MMM Members' Card" item. Trade this item to Sadistiq after each battle and he will record your best scores, allowing you to unlock more foes as your rank increases.
  • The time restriction for ordering a maze is now 24 hours (Earth time) since you last placed an order. (Previously, the counter would reset each day, whether or not 24 hours had passed.)

The new area "Walk of Echoes" has been added.
  • Entering the Walk of Echoes
    Players may warp to the Walk of Echoes by examining the Veridical Conflux located in Xarcabard [S] while in possession of the "Kupofried's Medallion" key item. The key item may be purchased by examining the same conflux and speaking with the moogle Kupofried.
    *To enjoy the battle content offered in the Walk of Echoes, players must be level 70 or above and have progressed to the "Cait Sith" mission of the Wings of the Goddess expansion.
  • Walk of Echoes Battlefields
    Upon arrival at the Walk of Echoes, players will encounter several more veridical confluxes, each of which acts as a portal to a battlefield. The need to lay claim to battlefields has been omitted from the Walk of Echoes, and any one may enter and partake in battle until the maximum capacity of thirty-six adventurers has been reached. The time limit for each battle is 30 minutes, with no extensions possible. The clock will start ticking the instant the enemy is engaged, and participants must vanquish all monsters that appear within the allotted time in order to secure victory.
    * The key item Kupofried's Medallion will be expended upon entry into a battlefield. To reacquire the key item, players must wait one Vana'dielian day before examining the veridical conflux located in Xarcabard [S] once more.

    Temporary items will be made available to players should certain conditions be fulfilled. While these will be distributed among all participants, the type of item obtained by each character will be determined randomly.

    The number of battlefields available will at first be limited, but more can be unlocked in succession by cooperating with other players and securing victory in preceding battlefields. Additional battlefields are being planned for future version updates.
  • Rewards
    Battlefield participants will have numerous opportunities to obtain reward items.
    - All participants may cast lots upon items dropped by monsters.
    - Vanquishing all foes within the allotted time will produce a treasure chest, and only those participants whose contribution to the battle was deemed satisfactory will be granted the right to cast lots upon the contents.
    - Highly evaluated combatants will be further rewarded with bounty befitting their standing.
    * Please be warned that regardless of remaining time, all participants will be transported from the battlefield five minutes after either victory is secured, or the treasure chests are opened. Any treasures that remain undistributed by that time may end up in unforeseen hands or be claimed by none at all.


The job level cap has been increased to 80.
To increase character job levels to 76 and beyond, players must complete the new limit break quest "New Worlds Await" offered by the Nomad Moogle stationed at the Ru'Lude Gardens.
The following job abilities have been added:
  • Restraint (WAR Lv.77 Ability Delay: 10 min. Effect Duration: 5 min.)
    Enhances your weapon skill power with each normal attack you land, but prevents you from dealing critical hits.
  • Perfect Counter (MNK Lv.79 Ability Delay: 1 min. Effect Duration: 30 sec.)
    Allows you to counter the next attack directed at you.
  • Mana Wall (BLM Lv.76 Ability Delay: 10 min. Effect Duration: 5 min.)
    Allows you to take damage with MP.
  • Despoil (THF Lv.77 Ability delay: 5 min.)
    Steals items from an enemy while inflicting a status ailment upon it.
  • Divine Emblem (PLD Lv.78 Ability Delay: 10 min. Effect Duration: 1 min.)
    Enhances the accuracy of your next divine magic spell and increases enmity.
  • Nether Void (DRK Lv.78 Ability Delay: 5 min. Effect Duration: 1 min.)
    Increases the absorption of your next dark magic spell.
  • Double Shot (RNG Lv.79 Ability Delay: 3 min. Effect Duration: 90 sec.)
    Occasionally uses two units of ammunition to deal double damage.
  • Sengikori (SAM Lv.77 Ability Delay: 3 min. Effect Duration: 1 min.)
    Grants a bonus to skillchains and magic bursts initiated by your next weapon skill.
  • Futae (NIN Lv.77 Ability Delay: 3 min. Effect Duration: 1 min.)
    Grants a bonus to your next elemental ninjutsu by expending two ninja tools.
  • Spirit Jump (DRG Lv.77 Ability Delay: 90 sec.)
    Delivers a short jumping attack on a targeted enemy which suppresses enmity. Effect enhanced when wyvern is present.
  • Blood Pact: Rage "Holy Mist" (SMN Lv.76)
    Deals light elemental damage to an enemy.
  • Blood Pact: Rage "Lunar Bay" (SMN Lv.78)
    Deals darkness damage to an enemy.
  • Blood Pact: Rage "Night Terror" (SMN Lv.80)
    Deals darkness damage to an enemy.
  • Bolter's Roll (COR Lv.76)
    Increases movement speed for party members within area of effect.
  • Caster's Roll (COR Lv.79)
    Enhances "Fast Cast" effect for party members within area of effect.
  • Tactical Switch (PUP Lv.79 Ability Delay: 3 min.)
    Swaps TP of master and automaton.
  • Presto (DNC Lv.77 Ability Delay: 15 sec. Effect Duration: 30 sec.)
    Enhances the effect of your next step and grants you an additional finishing move.
  • Divine Waltz II (DNC Lv.78 Ability Delay: 20 sec.)
    Restores the HP of all party members within a small radius.
  • Climactic Flourish (DNC Lv.80 Ability Delay: 90 sec.)
    Allows you to deal critical hits. Requires at least one finishing move.
  • Libra (SCH Lv.76 Ability Delay: 1 min.)
    Examines the target's enmity level.

Adjustments have been made to the following job abilities and traits:
  • Beastmasters may now invoke the aid of six new creatures via the "Call Beast" ability by using the following items:
    Cunning Brain Broth / Lucky Carrot Broth / Deepbed Soil / Wool Grease / Vermihumus / Dancing Herbal Broth

  • The Beastmaster job trait "Beast Affinity" can now increase pet levels to a maximum of 80.
  • The level requirement for the samurai ability "Sekkanoki" has been reduced from 60 to 40.
  • The dragoon ability "Spirit Link" will now transfer half of the wyvern's TP to its master.
  • The corsair ability "Double-Up" will now extend a roll's effect duration to 10 minutes if the produced number is XI.
  • The dancer ability "Cure Waltz" can now be performed on non-party members.
  • The "Dual Wield" job trait is now available to dancers at level 20, with the degree of mastery increasing in stages thereafter.
  • The scholar ability "Accession" does not affect the white magic spell "Haste".

The following job traits have been added:
*The jobs column indicates the level at which the trait will first be learned. The degree of mastery will increase in stages thereafter.
Crit. Atk. BonusWAR Lv.78Improves power of critical hits.
THF Lv.78
DNC Lv.80
Crit. Def. BonusPLD Lv.79Improves defense against critical hits.
BRD Lv.80
Tactical ParryNIN Lv.77Grants bonus TP when parrying an attack.
DNC Lv.77
Tactical GuardMNK Lv.77Grants bonus TP when guarding against an attack.
PUP Lv.80
Shield Def. BonusWAR Lv.80Reduces damage taken when blocking an attack with a shield.
PLD Lv.77
Stout ServantBST Lv.78Reduces damage taken by pet.
PUP Lv.78
True ShotRNG Lv.78Grants a damage bonus to ranged attacks performed at an appropriate distance.
Blood BoonSMN Lv.60Occasionally cuts down MP cost of Blood Pact abilities. Does not affect abilities that require Astral Flow.
Skillchain BonusSAM Lv.78Improves skillchain damage.
DNC Lv.45
FencerWAR Lv.45Increases rate of critical hits when wielding with the main hand only. Grants a TP bonus to weapon skills.
BST Lv.80
Conserve TPRNG Lv.80Occasionally cuts down TP cost of weapon skills.
DRG Lv.45
DNC Lv.77
Occult AcumenDRK Lv.45Grants bonus TP when dealing damage with elemental or dark magic.
SCH Lv.78
Mag. Burst BonusBLM Lv.45Improves magic burst damage.
NIN Lv.80
SCH Lv.79
Divine BenisonWHM Lv.50Quickens spellcasting for status ailment recovery magic. Grants a bonus to enmity reduction
Resist AmnesiaBST Lv.15Gives you a slight resistance against amnesia.
COR Lv.30
PUP Lv.15
The following magic spells have been added:
  • White Magic
    - Cure VI: WHM Lv.80
    - Protect V: WHM Lv.76 / RDM Lv. 77 / SCH Lv.80
    - Shell V: WHM Lv.76
    - Baramnesia: RDM Lv.78
    - Baramnesra: WHM Lv.78
  • Black Magic
    - Stone V: BLM Lv.77 / SCH Lv.79 (Addendum: Black)
    - Water V: BLM Lv.80
    - Aspir II: DRK Lv.78
  • Songs
    - Foe Requiem VII: BRD Lv.76
    - Army's Paeon VI: BRD Lv.78
    - Knight's Minne V: BRD Lv.80
  • Ninjutsu
    - Aisha: Ichi: NIN Lv.78
    *Uses the ninja tool "Soshi".

More jobs can now learn the following spells:
  • White Magic
    - Shell IV: PLD Lv.80
    - Phalanx: PLD Lv.77
    - Regen II: RDM Lv.76
  • Black Magic
    - Stone III: DRK Lv.76
    - Stone IV: RDM Lv.77
    - Water III: DRK Lv.80
    - Water IV: RDM Lv.80

imageSeveral new blue magic spells have been added.
The white magic spell "Aquaveil" will now guard against spell interruption a set number of times.
Enmity generation for the following spells has been adjusted:
Sleep / Sleep II / Dispel / Blind / Blind II / Bind
Several new weapon skills have been added.
New adversaries have been added to the Voidwalker Notorious Monster quests accessible through the Ru'Lude Gardens NPC "Assai Nybaem."
Level restrictions have been lifted in the following areas:
Pso'Xja / Promyvion - Holla / Promyvion - Dem / Promyvion - Mea / Promyvion - Vahzl / Phomiuna Aqueducts / Sacrarium / Riverne - Site #B01 / Riverne - Site #A01
The distribution and level of certain monsters have been adjusted in the following areas:
Bibiki Bay / Uleguerand Range / Promyvion – Holla / Promyvion – Dem / Promyvion – Mea / Promyvion – Vahzl / Lufaise Meadows / Misareaux Coast / Phomiuna Aqueducts / Sacrarium / Riverne - Site #B01 / Riverne - Site #A01
Level restrictions imposed upon Chains of Promathia mission battlefields have been lifted.
The level 75 restriction has been lifted on battlefields.
A cap has been placed upon status enhancements granted by certain food items.


Several new pieces of equipment have been added.
New synthesis recipes have been added.
The following revisions have been made to the Synergy system:
  • The synergy skill level cap has been raised to 70 (Artisan).
  • New "Synergy Enthusiast" NPCs have been added to teach synergy recipes to players.
  • A new item has been added to allow players to remove the single most recently etched aperture.
  • Signed items may now be used as synergy ingredients.
    * Inserting a signed item into a synergy furnace will instantly erase its signature.
  • An issue in which certain large fish could not be used as synergy ingredients has been addressed.
  • Several new synergy recipes have been added.

< Rank: Novice >
ItemRequired Crafting SkillIngredients
Safehold Earring-Safehold Waystone, Silver Earring
Empire Earring-Empire Waystone, Silver Earring
VermihumusWoodworkingHumus x 2
VermihumusWoodworkingRich Humus x 2
VermihumusWoodworkingDerfland Humus
HiwaSmithingRusty Kunai
Gleaming ShieldSmithingRusty Shield
Gleaming SpearSmithingRusty Spear
Gleaming ZaghnalSmithingRusty Zaghnal
Wool GreaseCookingLesser Chigoe x 2, Shell Bug
< Rank: Apprentice >
ItemRequired Crafting SkillIngredients
Nashmau Earring-Nashmau Waystone, Silver Earring
Antlion ArrowWoodworkingArrowwood Lumber, Antlion Arrowhead, Colibri Fletchings
Darkling BoltWoodworkingHolly Lumber, Darkling Bolt Heads
Mock HareAlchemyMeatloaf x 2, Kaolin
Dancing Herbal BrothCookingFrost Turnip, Beaugreens x 2, Napa
< Rank: Journeyman >
ItemRequired Crafting SkillIngredients
Fusion BoltSmithingHolly Lumber, Fusion Bolt Heads
Dweomer BulletAlchemyDweomer Steel, Firesand
Oberon's BulletAlchemyOberon's Gold, Firesand
Banquet SetAlchemyKaolin x 2, Silver Ingot x 2, Cotton Cloth x 2, Gold Thread
Purifying EwerAlchemyKaolin x 2, Adaman Ingot, Phrygian Gold Ingot, Jadeite
Lucky Carrot BrothCookingSan d'Orian Carrot x 3, Snoll Arm
< Rank: Craftsman >
ItemRequired Crafting SkillIngredients
Platinum Nugget-Platinum Leaf x 4, Vitriol x 2
LituusWoodworkingBeech Lumber x 2
DarkwingWoodworkingDurium Ingot, Beech Lumber, Ebony Lumber, Giant Femur, Carbon Fiber
GuisarmeWoodworkingDurium Ingot, Beech Lumber x 2, Imperial Wootz Ingot, Carnelian
Amazon BowWoodworkingBeech Lumber x 2, Karakul Cloth, Ancient Beast Horn, Coeurl Whisker
Deepbed SoilWoodworkingBeech Lumber, Woozyshroom, Sleepshroom, Danceshroom
Vodun WandSmithingPhrygian Gold Ingot, Platinum Ingot, Mercury, Darksteel Mace
RibauldequinSmithingBrass Ingot, Durium Ingot x 2, Walnut Lumber, Phrygian Gold Ingot
KakkoSmithingOrichalcum Ingot x 2, Beech Lumber, Sparkstrand, Wyvern Tailskin, Aht Urhgan brass
Doom TabarSmithingDurium Ingot, Adaman Ingot x 2, Beech Lumber, Phrygian Gold Ingot, Mercury
Dolor BhujSmithingSteel Ingot, Durium Ingot x 2, Ebony Lumber, Phrygian Gold Ingot, Mercury
Savate FistsSmithingBrass Ingot, Adaman Ingot, Beech Lumber, Phrygian Gold Ingot x 2, Mercury
Versa HauberkSmithingSteel Sheet, Durium Chain, Velvet Cloth, Silk Cloth, Haubergeon
Versa CelataSmithingCopper Ingot, Steel Sheet, Durium Sheet, Durium Chain, Sheep Leather
Versa MufflersSmithingSteel Sheet, Durium Sheet x 2, Chain Mittens
Versa BreechesSmithingMythril Chain, Durium Chain x 2, Linen Cloth, Ram Leather x 2
Versa SoleretsSmithingSteel Sheet, Durium Sheet x 2, Greaves
Cratus SwordSmithingAdaman Ingot x 4, Phrygian Gold Ingot x 2, Beech Lumber, Wyvern Tailskin
Vulcan's RingGoldsmithingCarnelian, Shining Ring
Neptune's RingGoldsmithingFulmenite, Shining Ring
Terra's RingGoldsmithingHeliodor, Shining Ring
Auster's RingGoldsmithingAventurine, Shining Ring
Jupiter's RingGoldsmithingClarite, Shining Ring
Aquilo's RingGoldsmithingLarimar, Shining Ring
Apollo's RingGoldsmithingSelenite, Shining Ring
Pluto's RingGoldsmithingTenebrite, Shining Ring
Flame EarringGoldsmithingCarnelian, Orichalcum Earring
Flame EarringGoldsmithingCarnelian, Triton Earring
Thunder EarringGoldsmithingFulmenite, Orichalcum Earring
Thunder EarringGoldsmithingFulmenite, Triton Earring
Soil EarringGoldsmithingHeliodor, Orichalcum Earring
Soil EarringGoldsmithingHeliodor, Triton Earring
Breeze EarringGoldsmithingAventurine, Orichalcum Earring
Breeze EarringGoldsmithingAventurine, Triton Earring
Snow EarringGoldsmithingClarite, Orichalcum Earring
Snow EarringGoldsmithingClarite, Triton Earring
Aqua EarringGoldsmithingLarimar, Orichalcum Earring
Aqua EarringGoldsmithingLarimar, Triton Earring
Light EarringGoldsmithingSelenite, Orichalcum Earring
Light EarringGoldsmithingSelenite, Triton Earring
Dark EarringGoldsmithingTenebrite, Orichalcum Earring
Dark EarringGoldsmithingTenebrite, Triton Earring
YukitsuguGoldsmithingIron Ingot x 3, Tama-Hagane, Beech Lumber, Phrygian Gold Ingot, Gold Thread, Fiendish Skin
Dire ScytheGoldsmithingBeech Lumber, Durium Ingot x 2, Orichalcum Ingot, Ruby, Grass Cloth
Lore HatLeathercraftSparkstrand, Sheep Leather, Ram Leather, Wyvern Tailskin, Velvet Hat
Lore RobeLeathercraftSparkstrand, Wool Cloth, Twill Damask, Undead Skin, Ram Leather, Wyvern Tailskin, Fiendish Skin, Velvet Robe
Lore CuffsLeathercraftSparkstrand, Ram Leather, Wyvern Tailskin, Velvet Cuffs
Lore SlopsLeathercraftSparkstrand, Wolf Hide, Wyvern Tailskin, Fiendish Skin, Velvet Slops
Lore SabotsLeathercraftSparkstrand, Sheep Leather, Ram Leather, Wyvern Tailskin, Ebony Sabots
Arewe RingBonecraftFlocon-de-mer, Ancient Beast Horn
FirmamentBonecraftFlocon-de-mer x 3, Coral Fragment, Katzbalger
YataghanBonecraftSteel Ingot, Phrygian Gold Ingot, Mercury, Larimar, Ancient Beast Horn
Gules CapBonecraftFlocon-de-mer, Durium Sheet, Tiger Leather x 2
Gules HarnessBonecraftCoeurl Leather x 2, Flocon-de-mer x 2
Gules MittensBonecraftCoeurl Leather, Wyvern Scales, Flocon-de-mer
Gules SubligarBonecraftCoeurl Leather, Twill Damask, Flocon-de-mer
Gules LeggingsBonecraftCoeurl Leather, Wyvern Scales, Flocon-de-mer
Cunning Brain BrothCookingGelatin, Hare Meat, Cockatrice Meat, Giant Sheep Meat
< Rank: Artisan >
ItemRequired Crafting SkillIngredients
Vivid StrapLeathercraftPelt of Dawon x 2
Grim CuirassSmithingDurium Sheet x 4, Scintillant Ingot, Cerberus Leather, Mercury, Kukulkan's Skin
JuogiClothcraftOrichalcum Ingot, Sparkstrand, Twill Damask x 2, Wolf Felt x 2, Cashmere Cloth, Briareus's Sash
Yhel JacketLeathercraftManticore Leather x 2, Buffalo Leather x 2, Phrygian Gold Ingot, Amphiptere Claw, Regurgitated Wing x 2
Evolith may now be sold to merchant NPCs.
Evolith may now be traded to outpost traders.
The following items have been added to the list of ammunition that can be bundled as a quiver or pouch:
Antlion Arrows / Darkling Bolts / Fusion Bolts / Dweomer Bullets / Oberon's Bullets
A toolbag for carrying large quantities of soshi has been added.
The following items may now be entrusted to the item storage NPC:
Odin Statue / Alexander Statue / Kabuto-kazari / Katana-kazari / Dinner Jacket / Chocobo Beret / Dinner Hose


The following changes have been made to the FINAL FANTASY XI title screen:
  • The layout of expansion and add-on content logos has been altered.
  • Logos for the "Abyssea" series of battle add-ons have been added. (These logos will appear faded until the new content becomes playable.)

Other Adjustments

Evolith possessing the following attributes now function as intended when attached to ranged weapons:
LIT-aligned sklchn.: Sklchn.dmg.+
DKN-aligned sklchn.: Sklchn.dmg.+
LIT-aligned sklchn.: Sklchn.acc.+
DKN-aligned sklchn.: Sklchn.acc.+
The following augment attributes now function as intended:
Pet: Phys. dmg. taken +d
Occ. atk. twice (hand-to-hand weapons only)

Known Issues

Under certain circumstances, the game may freeze when attempting to enter the Walk of Echoes.
As a temporary workaround for this issue, users who have not installed the "Treasures of Aht Urhgan" expansion will be unable to warp to the Walk of Echoes.

English Language Version Only

Known Issues:
  • The quest log for the Abyssea - Tahrongi quest in which Kupipi asks players to slay one of five notorious monsters (Cuelebre, Adze, Minhocao, Chukwa, Mictlantecuhtli) will not display properly.
  • The item referred to as "Tarnished Pincer" in dialogue and the chat log will appear as "Shriveled Pincer" in the inventory menu.
  • In the PlayStation®2 version of the game, a blackout may occur during the cutscenes of the quest "Face of the Future."
    *Players will be able to proceed in the quest by logging out and logging back in.

Addressed Issues:
  • The following item has been renamed to alleviate confusion:
    Ilm-long Sub => Fulm-long Sub