Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial Period Extended (Again.)

As always, we would like to express our gratitude to all players enjoying their adventures in Eorzea.

Today, we have decided to extend the free trial period an additional 30 days. Please refer to the following for more details.

We have also added a Topics post detailing a portion of the content heading your way in the two large-scale version updates slated for late November and mid-December. This month's version update, tentatively scheduled for November 25, marks the first step in bringing about significant improvement to FINAL FANTASY XIV, guided in large part by the feedback you, the players, have provided. We are adamant that you should be given the opportunity to experience these changes firsthand before deciding to fully commit to the game. We encourage everyone to view today's post, as well as the previous Topics post from November 11 outlining the development team's roadmap for the coming months. Further details regarding payment options and future version updates will be posted as they become available.

・Comprehensive Content of Upcoming Large-Scale Version Updates (11/11/2010)

[Free Trial Extension Details]

All users who registered a FINAL FANTASY XIV service account and purchased a character by November 19, 2010.

* Character purchases must have been carried out no later than November 19, 2010 at 23:59 (PST).
* Accounts terminated due to User Agreement infractions are ineligible for extension.
* Holders of multiple service accounts may receive extensions on all accounts.
* Users who took advantage of the first free trial extension announced on October 15, 2010 are fully eligible for this extension.

■Extension Period
An additional thirty (30) days.

*Free trial period end dates and initial billing dates will be automatically extended. Users are not required to take any action.
*Extensions will be for a period of thirty days regardless of billing cycle length. Regular billing will begin upon conclusion of the extended free trial.
*Should automatic renewal of options be disabled, the free trial will still be extended.
*Users notified by automated mail of either the end of their free trial period or the beginning of their billing period will still receive the extension.
*Extensions will be processed by the Square Enix Account Management System on or around November 19, 2010. An official announcement will be made at that time.
*Information regarding new billing period dates will be available via the Square Enix Account Management System.

Original source can be found here.

New Items and Balances to Synthesis - Final Fantasy XIV

The large-scale version updates planned for late November and mid-December will see a number of additions and adjustments to both items and synthesis recipes. This Topics post will detail the nature of these changes, and introduce a new feature designed to aid in the synthesis process.

Additional Items: November, December
The majority of items will be added in the December version update. We also will be introducing gear with all-new graphics for each class in order to provide something for all players.
Below are some of the items scheduled for release in the December patch.

Additions and Adjustments to Synthesis Recipes
Released Recipes: November, December
The following adjustments will be made in the November version update in order to balance the degree of difficulty for synthesis.
Reduction of rank requirement for several recipes
Changes to materials required for several recipes
Introduction of alternate recipes for several items
Adjustments to the effect of each synthesis action on durability and quality
Reduction in the number of crystals required for synthesis
Increase in the number of crystals obtained as rewards for local leves
These changes will be ongoing in the December version update as well, as we continue to focus on improving and balancing synthesis.

New Recipes: November, December
In addition to the balancing changes planned for existing recipes, we will also be introducing a number of new synthesis recipes.

Auto-Selection of Materials: December
To improve convenience while crafting, we will be adding a feature that allows players to select an item to synthesize from a list of previously used recipes. Doing so will automatically place the required materials into the appropriate slots.
As of the December update, these two synthesis histories, one for general synthesis and one for local leve synthesis, will each retain the eight most recent recipes made. The version update scheduled for this coming March will expand this feature to retain a player's entire synthesis history.

In addition to all of the above changes, the November version update will also see changes that allow for the stacking of certain items, as well as the removal of a Wear value for smallclothes.

Original source can be found here.

Couple Meets Through Final Fantasy XI - Gets Married

   Paul Turner, 27, and Vicky Teather, 29, of London and Southhampton, respectively, marry after meeting in Final Fantasy XI. After meeting outside Southampton station on Christmas Eve 2008, they eventually married in September 2009. The wedding come complete with a cake featuring their in-game characters in icing.

  I take personal interest in this story, as I too, met my partner through Final Fantasy XI, and we have been together almost a year. Neither of us play that game any longer, but it helped us find each other, and we are good together. I can only hope every else could be as lucky as us, and I hope our story continues the same way Paul and Vicky's did.

You can read their full story here.