Monday, December 6, 2010

A Beginner's Guide to Eorzea - Final Fantasy XIV

This week's Q&A session seeks to assist newcomers to Eorzea by covering the basics of setting actions to the action bar.
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The Version Update Is Here! - Final Fantasy XI

We are proud to announce the arrival of the December version update, featuring "Heroes of Abyssea," the third installment in the Abyssea series of battle area add-ons. Not to be outdone, the Wings of the Goddess expansion also takes center stage with the concluding missions to its emotion-charged storyline.

Other notable additions include the raising of the level cap to 90, a plethora of new job abilities and spells to accompany this increase, additional storage features, charming job emotions, and the list goes on.

Read on to peruse the list of changes in its entirety.

Additions and Adjustments Galore! - Final Fantasy XI

Along with the wealth of other new features previewed in this space, the soon-to-be-released version update will usher in a host of additions and adjustments to existing content such as Trial of the Magians, Walk of Echoes, and Abyssea areas. Even old favorites like Dynamis and Einherjar will see drop rate adjustments and other refinements designed to make them more rewarding than ever!

Read on for the details.