Who is DG?

   My name is Devin. I am 26 years old and I am back in the Portland, Oregon area.. I am studying to earn my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, with aspirations of obtaining certification in web development and mobile application programming. I love to learn new things, and I hope to continue learning until I can no longer assimilate new knowledge any more! 

   I am an avid reader. I can read anything and enjoy it, but I read a lot of technology and social media news when not engulfed in a good book. I am big on movies, and I have a very wide taste in music, but am most passionate about classical and opera. My musical tastes are generally influenced by my experience playing violin and piano. I deeply enjoy playing my violin. I try to practice whenever I have the time and the motivation.

   I am a huge science and technology nut, but I have an insatiable curiosity and love for nature. I am most passionate about polar bears and many types of marine mammals, like whales. Their survival is being threatened by human influences, which is especially sad given their often overlooked and under-appreciated beauty and intelligence.

   I affiliate myself with Buddhist views, however, I do not consider myself religious. I merely agree with many of the concepts Buddhism presents. I don't believe in rules condemning anyone for who or what they are, but rather guidelines to help people be more benevolent throughout their life, by treating others with the kindness they would expect in return. I see everyone as equal, and I find intolerance to be especially unfortunate.

   I am a simple person, and I enjoy simplicity. I consider myself open-minded and understanding. I am very down-to-earth. I will talk to anyone, and I love making new friends!